Are you sick of winter ruining you’re favorite white sneakers with the dirt and salt during the dreadful winter months? Well I have the perfect solution for you- Tight Wipes! This magical product is the only one that seems to do the trick. I along with many celebs use this product to get our shine on. Let’s be honest nothing puts a bigger damper on your perfect OOTD than having dirty stained shoes.

Everyone from J-Lo to the Kardashian-Jenner clan needs to shine bright, look polished and this is the perfect product!
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TightWipes is the easiest and quickest to clean all your sneakers, shoes and belongings. The ultimate in convenience! TightWipes is a specially formulated, pre-moistened, luxury, handy wipe that cleans and renews dirty shoes, boots, sneakers and much more.

Many of us make the mistake of cleaning our favorite kicks like the Giuseppe Zanotti with harsh chemicals like bleach and  risk the death of our favorite shoes, but with this product you can be sure to get the job done without any risks of injury to your favourite pair of shoes.

TightWipes was developed by a Sneakerhead who was tired of the hassle of other sneaker cleaners on the market. He was looking for a fast and efficient way to clean and keep his kicks looking fresh and new. With this idea he went to a chemical engineer and in the lab they developed a special cleaning formula, which is The Best Sneaker Cleaner on the planet!

The best part is that you can use this cleaner on more than just your shoes. I used it to clean a denim stain on my Chloe Drew bag when nothing else worked so of course I had to share this secret with all of you. Hope you enjoy this product as much as I have and please leave your comments below and tell me all about your experience with this fantastic product!

TightWipes is exclusively available for purchase on Amazon.com