Have you found your ThirdLove?

Hello and happy December to all of you lovely ladies!

I want to share a little something that will forever change how you look and feel in and out of your clothes. Let’s face it, the most important part of your outfit is your undergarments. The most fabulous dress can look like absolute crap if the undergarments aren’t right… So, allow me to introduce you to my longtime favourite undergarment company, ThirdLove.

I initially discovered this lovely brand via Instagram when I was searching for quality yet cute undergarments and was pleasantly surprised when I learned how truly awesome this brand really is.

ThirdLove’s philosophy is about carving one’s own path; saying no to ill-fitting expectations; and embracing the beautiful details that make each woman unique. It’s also about supporting one another, which is the reason they have donated over $1 million worth of bras to women in need across the country since starting ThirdLove in 2013. #Breakthemold

Like that wasn’t enough, ThirdLove is a brand that is designed for women by women who understand the anatomy of a perfect fit. To give you a tiny glimpse of what I’m referring to…

The accordion strap—made of a rayon, nylon, and spandex blend—gives you extra support without cutting into your shoulder.

The cup- To give the bra the feeling of a second skin, a proprietary blend of lightweight memory foam is used.

The underwire– Even though flat tubing costs twice as much to be sewn into the bra’s frame, but it keeps the bra’s underwire from ever poking out and scraping your skin.

The tag- Say Farewell to itchy unflattering tags. All information—size, style, and brand is printed on the padded clasp.

The hook- The hook and eye is made with ultra-comfortable microfiber and lined with foam instead of a thin layer of felt.

Oh and did I mention they offer HALF SIZES?! 50% of women fall in between standard cup sizes, so ThirdLove invented half-cup sizing. Now you’ll never have to settle for a bra that only half fits. #genius

 So I ask again, Have you found your ThirdLove?