I’m the girl who lives and breathes fashion. It’s been my passion for as long as I can remember. My style is trendy with a dose of glam and a splash of street all mixed together in a blender.

In my mid 20’s, I decided to get into the fashion world as a blogger. Shortly after, I realized THIS is the industry I was always meant to be in “My destiny if you may”…  My educational background is Sociology and Business. During that time I was working in Finance for the Federal Government but I felt that chapter in my life was reaching its expiry and I wanted to pursue my passion as a full time career.

Once my personal blog took off, I wanted more! I wanted a lifestyle magazine and that’s when “TrendyBloggers” was born. TB is an online magazine based out of the Capital of Canada, Ottawa. Our team is committed to connecting the readers with people, places and events as well as covering topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, relationships health, nutrition and some other controversial topics thrown in for good measure.

Once TB took off, I realized I needed to grow further. I wanted to stimulate my creative side and do what I do best which is wardrobe styling. Styling is something that came easy and natural to me since a very young age but I had never thought about pursuing it as a career however this journey has led to believe that your favourite hobby could become a job- a really fun one too!!

I started helping clients rediscover the joy of feeling and looking their best and I have never felt more fulfilled and satisfied. It was definitely an “Aha moment” as Oprah would say.

I offer different types of packages such as Personal Shopping, one-on-one styling for events or everyday life, Presentations for Corporate Seminars, Styling Photoshoots, and Retail promotion of products and/or brands.

Please contact me for inquiries and pricing, I would love to collaborate!